Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Cousin It...I Mean Gryff

My cousin Gryff is staying with us for a while. I think this is week number two. Gryff is a city dog. He lives in New York City and he thinks he knows everything. I think he is full of doodee.

He is a little guy but has a big attitude. I let him sleep in my bed and he really pushed the rules. Here he is laying on the pillow and that is against the RULES!
I waited for the humans to make him move off but he got away with it.

Here's Gryff on a park bench. There are different rules in the city. He says, in the city, you never leave your poop behind. All poop gets picked up and put in a trash can. WHAT?!?!

Poop is a dogs' calling card! If you don't have a pile out there you don't exist. Gryff goes out and poops on the driveway and the humans pick it up so they don't have to step in it or drive on it. I keep telling him POOP IN THE GRASS! It is best if you poop far away from the house. Ya' gotta let the world know you've been there. I guess he hasn't noticed that when he pees I'm right behind him peeing on top of it. So I cancel out his pee. That makes the poop even more important for him to leave his mark! I just can't get through to him.


  1. LOL!!

    I love the city dog/country dog rivalry, what a hoot. And the canceling out was killer, I just laughed and my coworkers are staring at me :)

  2. I'm with L-w-D!

    Grrrrreat khanine khouple!

    I khan't wait to see more adventures!


  3. Hi Hoover!
    Welcome to Dogs with Blogs! Your cousin is a really cutie! And of course so are you! I hope you have enough time with Gryff to teach him all those important dog lessons!
    :) Tibby

  4. Hoover, maybe Gryff will like it so much at your house, he won't want to move back to the city!

    What would you think of that?