Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Like My Humans All in One Spot

Today was great. The weather was sunny with a cool breeze. All the Humans hung out on the patio where I could sit in one spot and keep an eye on them.

I sat on "Constant Crumb Dropper's" foot and he thought that was funny. I got my ears rubbed and my belly rubbed.

My human scratched my back with a thingy that made my loose fur fly on the breeze.

I sat right here and watched them all day.

Ah yes, Life is good!


  1. Yes it is!

    Those types are sooooo easily amused and entertained!

    Woo look furry khomfy there on your sentry post!


  2. Hi, Hoover!
    Glad you had a pawesome day!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Hoover,
    You have a wonderful view from your patio! And I hope there was a steady stream of crumbs from Constant Crumb Dropper.

    Princess Eva

  4. Hoover, I have some crumb droppers too-they are the best. Although, I have to tell you, sometimes I think they drop "crumbs" on purpose; fine with me! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! ~Twix

  5. What an incredible vantage point. Is this your yard?
    You are too cute for words! :)

  6. Dear Life With Dogs,

    Yes I am and yes it is.