Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Gots Me Toy

Humans have rules that I don't really understand. One very frustrating rule is that any toy that I take outside cannot come back into the house.

So the way I understand it my job is to get any toys I really love past them to the world of mud and water. Then when I try to sneak the perfectly seasoned, mud soaked toy back into the house and into the communal bed they try to thwart my most masterful efforts.


  1. We have inside toys and outside toys too. The only one that I'm allowed to bring back inside is my sister. But she doesn't really count.


  2. My moose tries that too. He will try to take an inside toy out and when I tell him to drop it, he does then when I open the door he tries to grab it again! He can not provide tips on sneaking them back in though b/c for some reason he never does that!

  3. Our momma gets all of our stuffies at yard sales. When they are all goopy with no more guts she just makes them disappear (wonder where they go...). An' the ones that aren't all iviserated, she brings in the house and plunks them in the wash-a-chine with a little soap and bleach. Then we get them again. Momma says that a dime sure goes a long way!

    Ask your momma to check out yard sales and to maybe wash them for you. Look at her really sweet...maybe a little kiss and a paw, too☺

  4. I have a khanine khousin in China - he likes to take many of his toys out into the yard no matter how many times my unkhle brings 'em bakhk in!


  5. I know what you are talking about....
    We have 2 boxes : one inside and one outside the house....
    Kisses, Faya