Thursday, May 14, 2009

Car Ride!

Whoo hoo! I loves me a car ride. Sometimes it is just down to the mailbox (don't laugh, it's a mile to the mailbox). Today we went into town. It was rainy and cool and the human only had one place to go. Into the building and out with a box. The box didn't smell like anything.

My human gets real upset if there is a dog in a car in the sun. The only sunny days I get to ride in the car is to the place with the magic tube that gives the human money and dog biscuits. I like that place.


  1. And I'm sure they like woo too!

    Happy Almost Weekend!


  2. I like to go for car ride....but my brother Dyos, the poor Dyos, he is sick in the car...
    We always have water in the car ? Don't you ?
    Kisses, Faya

  3. Hello Hoover! Just dropping in from DWB to say nice to meet you!

    I love car rides too. Would be nice if I get to go more often though.

  4. Hey Hoover! Our friend Mango goes on the Running of the Errands and each time he gets a special car cookie. Have you met the Mango? He is awesome! Since we live in Florida and My Moose barks howls and moans like he is being tortured when I leave him (only when it is cool) in the car even to pick up a box he does not get to go on Errands unless I am only going to the Doggy store that he can go in with me! He likes that though!
    Dana + Moose

  5. Oh,yes! - we have one of them too. Sometimes it gives a couple biscuits! - thats a good ride.
    your pal, Morgan

  6. I LOVE CAR RIDES! One time The Girl took me to a building and when we drove up to the window the lady gave me a HAMBURGER and he girl some soda.

    I think it was called heaven

  7. OOOOhhhhhh we LUV getting the car to go get PUP CONES...

    Tomorrow we go to the groomer so we can be cool and stylish.....


  8. CAR RIDES are the greatest thing in my life. I live for CAR RIDES! Especially in the convertible.

    Tail wags,

  9. Mom keeps the emergency number in her phone so if she sees any dogs in cars she will call! We live in the desert and it gets hot hot hot!

  10. I too love car rides, and mom never leaves me in the car unattended especially in the heat. You look like you are enjoying the ride.

  11. HI HOOVER!

    Nice to meet you! I'm a black lab/newfoundland girl who weighs 90 pounds & I live in San Diego...Opy & Charlie are just the bestest, arent they?

    SO happy your ticker is working with the are one beautiful pup! & MY MOM & DAD (my peoples) LOVE LOVE LOVE the name HOOVER! Sometimes they call me Hoover when I clean up all the spills on the floor!

    Love & Licks,