Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rain Rain Rain

What the heck is an Ark? 'Cause my human's gonna build one.

I don't mind a little rain. I may not like gettin a bath but I have no problem gettin wet in the rain.

But when I try to come in the house and I'm wet I get chased with a towel. So sometimes I sit outside until I'm dry.

This way I don't have to hear the Smelly Dog Song.

Do you know the Smelly Dog Song?

Smelly Dog,
Smelly Dog,
What is that in your fur?

Smelly Dog,
Smelly Dog,
It's all your fault!

If you don't get in the tub,
You'll never get a tummy rub!

If there is any hope,
It's gonna take a lot of soap.

Turn such a smelly dog
Into a pleasant pup!

Yeah, I know it's silly but remember, I didn't make it up!


  1. Thats a very cool bed you have there out on your porch. You look like the King of the Hill on it.

    I don't mind a rub down with a towell but what I purely hate is getting my feet clean with a towell. And my Mom makes sure she gets every little piece of dirt in between my toes. Terrible!

    We have to put up with it though, don't we. Its a Dog's Life!


  2. HaRooooo!

    Khome to Pawsylvania! No rain 'round my area today - Mom did drive in some on her way to Martinsburg and bakhk -

    My paws do get toweled if they are too wet and/or muddy!

    Right now it is sun sun sunny and warm warm WARM!


  3. Hey there, Hoover
    YOu are sooo funny! The ARK sounds good...who are you taking along? But it looks like you have got your outdoor sleeping arrangements in order already! Take care and happy singing. Hope the sun comes out soon although we are sure that Kirby is enjoying the weather?
    Lotsaluv Max &Co in sunny South Africa

  4. Smart way to avoid that unpleasant tune! :)

  5. Hi Hoover, you are a riot, that was a great song!!!
    I love your bed, I've gotta get me one of those!!!
    Pray for sun!!!!


  6. Just found your blog Hoover. Its great! I have one of those beds but it doesn't have the soft fluffiness on top. I am going to give you some link love so I can keep up on your blog! Say hi to Kirby! hey is your dad a vacume cleaner salesman?

  7. Hoover, you look soo comfortable in that bed. Love the picture and the song. Bath time is always a crazy time!