Friday, June 5, 2009

Humans Are So Paranoid and Late Night Shinnanigans

I was having a slow day.

The humans got all worried that something was wrong with me so the took me to the Vet.

This was a Vet that I hadn't met before. But he had heard about me. After all I'm Hoover, The Wonder Dog with the Pacemaker. I'm almost famous.

So we went through all the usual stuff. Listenin to the ol' ticker, feeling the pacemaker in the neck, turn the head and cough (hehe kiddin).

Then he violated me in a prison cellmate kind of way (he called it "taking my temperature"). Turns out I was "running a fever" and while I've run a few memorable things I don't ever recall a fever being one of them.

I have tested positive for Erlichiosis in the past, thanks to those nasty ticks, but I never had any symptoms. So it was decided that I should be started on antibiotics. The Vet said something about "protecting the investment" and the human agreed. From what I can tell all this means to me is I get some special human food with a pill in it. They think I don't know about the pill but I do.

Everyone has been keeping an eye on me to make sure I'm feeling OK. To prove to them that I'm fine and to drive them just a little bit crazy I have been refusing to come into the house at night.

Last night I saw something (and I'll never tell what it was) and I took off after it barking like a wild dog. That brought ALL the humans out and they felt they had to come looking for me. Humans are terrible trackers, this is why they have grocery stores. I listened to them going all over the property with flashlights calling for me. Then they got in the car and someone took off in the rtv still looking for me. They were in the woods and in the pastures with the flashlights. It was quite humorous. I planned to sneak back to the house to be there waiting when they returned but I got sidetracked and they found me in the garden.

They made a big fuss about being worried and looked me over for boo boos but I was fine. I got picked up and brought into the house which was NOT what I wanted but it seemed to make them happy so I didn't argue. By this time it was after midnight and we all went to bed.


  1. Way to go, Hoover, sounds like a lot of fun to me. Its too bad you didn't get back home before they found you, that would have been perfect to be waiting on the porch for them!

    Keep up the good work!


  2. I guess you are feeling better so we won't worry but hope you don't run any more fevers!
    As for your adventure, we call those un-supervised field trips and they are frowned upon here too. Moose made his human run down the road in PJs and bare feet on one of them... pretty funny especially since he was at the neighbors finishing off their cat food!
    Moose + Dana

  3. Sneaking off to the woods is so fun. Only problem for me is then my people want to brush all the burrs out of my coat. Ouch! Hope you feel better soon.


  4. When you sneak into the woods be sure to sniff alla' the ground on your adventure because you are gonna want to go back home. Some dogs furget where they live and get lost and that's sad.

    Sending some good thoughts your way to get rid of the temperature. Tell your momma you'd like some yogurt in your food to make your insides better from the medicine that takes away the good bacteria along with the bad bacteria.

  5. Hi Hoover!

    Not only do you qualify to be one of the gimpy dogs, but your wonderful escape and freaking out your humans may even qualify you into the Husky United Liberation Army (HULA) I will keep an eye on your blog and go through some more of it to see if you truly are HULA qualified.