Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Name Is Hoover-Isn't That Ironic

My name is Hoover. The humans named me after a mechanical crumb sucking device used to "clean" the interiors of two legged domiciles.

Apparently, prior to me, all the dogs who lived with my humans were inhalators of crumbs. Legend has it that they would hear a crumb hit the floor and be there before the dust had settled. And they would eat the dust too.

So, before they even met me they decided they would name me after a popular crumb sucking machine.

Surprise! I don't particularly care for human cast offs found on the floor. If I come across a crumb on the floor I might lick it but I'll leave it there.

Luckily they named my sister after a much more powerful crumb sucking machine.

So if you want your floor clean call

If you want some furry puppy love call


  1. Thanks for the story, Hoover. I had a hunch that might be it, sort of. I am not a floor cleaner either, but my Mom's last two pups were and she tells me she sort of misses that. She could drop some foodable and before it hit the floor some pup would be swallowing it. Some reputation to have, eh, Hoover? Not for me either.


  2. What a great story! Moose hoovers things up and I thought ALL dogs did! Will the next critter be named Dyson??
    Moose + dana

  3. I'm named for human water with bubbles and sugar... so weird.

  4. Hoover
    Sounds like between you and youw sistew you have all eventooalities covewed, hehehe
    Youw pawents awe smawt
    smoochie kisses

  5. Hoover, we got one a those over here at our place an' we also gotz a Kirby dat cleanz the fambly room down stairs! Only our Hoover and Kirby need ta be plugged into the wall or they won't do anything at all.

  6. HaRoooo!

    Woo have some furry khlever pawrents!