Monday, June 15, 2009

Food From A CAN!!!!!!

First I have a confession. I'm know as a picky eater. I've been know to lay on the floor just a few feet from a "fresh" bowl of kibble and hang my head while the humans beg me to eat it.

It just isn't appealing to me. I have no desire to eat it. Even if my tummy is rumbling I'm just never hungry for dry kibble.

Since the Vet put me on auntie-bio-ticks it is really important to the humans that I have food in my belly when they slip me the pills. (And yes, I know there is a pill in that bread...duh.) So the humans decided to get a bit more creative with the food.

One day, to my complete surprise, they mixed in some moist delicious odoriferous yumminess in with the dry kibble. My tail nearly wagged right off my rumpity rump rump.

What is this wonderful, beautiful, lip smackin glop? And more importantly WHY THE HELL HAVEN'T YOU BEEN FEEDING ME THIS ALL MY LIFE?


I LIKE IT! I like it A LOT!

Now I'm right there waiting, watching, beggin them to get the bowl to the floor faster!

Oh Sweet food in the can, how I love you.


  1. Yummers yummers.

    I get it with sliced bananas and I go B-A-N-A-N-A-S!
    I'm glad your eating just fine now.


  2. I get mine with a half cut up no-fat wienie! Just purely excellent eating. I used to get yogurt but I don't like it anymore.

    Victoria, the dog lady on Aminal Planet says to heat it up (your canned food) and you will go double nutz over it.

    Hope the Soft Stuff Wagon continues to stop at your your house!


  3. Princess Eva is picky too! Our Momma mixes the canned food with a little hot water to make it runny and then it coats all of the kibble pieces. Sometimes she holds out and we get a little cheese sprinkled on our food too!


  4. I've not had any yet but I'm pretty sure I would love it too!

    My khompliments on the paw pawsitioning!



  5. We ♥ canned food, too, and sometimes plain yogurt and sometimes salt free chicken broth and sometimes leftovers and sometimes a little cat food...uhm, guess we like just about everything...except lettuce, we don't like lettuce!

  6. I hope this works this time...I've had trouble elaving you comments lately....

    You are so lucky to get canned food. I hate that dry ol' stuff but that is all my people will let me have. They say I have a sensitive tummy. Whatever! If I didn't have to go find stuff in the yard to eat to get rid of that taste, maybe my tummy wouldn't have such troubles!