Friday, July 10, 2009

Humans Do The Strangest Things

Today was beautiful. It was sunny ALL DAY! A first for quite sometime. So you would think everyone would want to just enjoy it, you know, hang out, PLAY.

But, NO, not my humans. My humans spent all day on the large loud grass shortening machines. They JUST shortened the grass a few days ago! And, SURPRISE, it grew!

Now Princess Eva and Brice made a very interesting comment on one of my other post about how my humans keep washing my outdoor stuffies.

"Why do they insist on washing them when they know that we're just going to get them dirty again?"


Why do humans do the things they do?

Wash the stuffies, I'm just gonna get them dirty again.

Shorten the grass, it's just gonna grow again.

Sweep up the Hoover hairs, I'm just gonna shed more.

Give the Hoover a bath, I'm just gonna roll in a big stinky again.

Put all the stuffies in a pile, I've got to scatter them about again.

Wash the car rides, the muddy driveway's just gonna get um dirty again.

Make the bed, I'm just gonna unmake it again.

And they say they're EVOLVED!



  1. More examples of why they only THINK they are the more intelligent ones!

    We know better!


  2. If we had thumbs, we'd take over the world.

    Princess Eva

  3. Our Chief is just as anal about washing things up!

    Licks and wags

    Tuffy and the Dog Woods Pack

  4. Mines does that to, yud thinks theyd gets there priorits right an use the time with us insted of thinking thes doins whats we want, I mean our stuffies nots the same smelling of soap insted of sloppers. Ailsa tells me of time wilmots at the bridge sat for hours wating for his favrit stuffie to gets off the line.

  5. Excellent post. The only one we respect is feed us, because we will be hungry again.

  6. I hate those machines, they are useless!!!If only us dogs ruled the world...


  7. Another one for you list:
    She tells me she's finished blogging...and the next day she's bloggin' again.
    So goes it with the circle of life!
    Luv Maxdog in South Africa