Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth of July Party

Here's some pictures from the Fourth of July party at my neighbors' house.

I found a nice shady place under a table.

This is Biscuit.

This is Oliver. He's my neighbor.

My cousin Gryff was there too. Of course he brought his ball.

I know there is good stuff in here.

Ooooh they have a nice view.

The boomies don't scare me. But I'm not really a "party" animal. I like people in small numbers and I'm kinda scared of other dogs. I guess I'm a bit of a homedoggie. The humans want some doggies to come to my house to see if I'm more social. I like people when they're at my house.

I'm just a different kind of dog.


  1. I am glad you are not scared of the boomies, Hoover, its such a hard thing to handle.

    It looks like a beautiful spot you live in though. My Mom has a good friend in Highland Mills, are you anywhere near that?


  2. Great view! Did you find anything good in there?

  3. Hey there, Hoover
    Wow, what an amazing place your neighbours live in! That view is perfect. Don't worry about being an independant dog - it takes all types of us to make the world. It's our uniqueness that counts! Glad you had a good time though.
    Tonsaluv Maxdog in South Africa

  4. Hey - we love different dogs. But we are jealous you got to go to the picnic. We had to stay home. Something about us being "different" too.

  5. That looked like a great party!!! You looked so well behaved and the view looked amazing!!!
    Have a great day!!!


  6. Are you kidding me with that view?! That is amazing! I don't blame you for being a homedoggie. I wouldn't go anywhere with a place like that!

  7. Yup, nice view...that's a lot of sniffing, exploring, and hunting you can do out there!

  8. WHew, what a view!!!
    You look like a wonderful party guest...
    and aren't we all different???

  9. Hi Hoover! we are happy you had a good time at the party, and weren't scared of the boomers. We weren't scared either. Did you get to take a run down that big hill? That looks like it would of been fun.
    Morgan and Maisie

  10. Hey Hoover, looks like you had a good 4th! So many cute dog friends, but I guess they don't share picnic treats like humans do.