Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pink Baby Has an Advernture Without Me

Pink Baby is leaving and my human wanted to take her somewhere special. I'm not mad just because I didn't get to go. My human tried to find out if dogs were allowed and I don't know why there is anyplace where dogs aren't allowed.

Anyway, now we know that dogs are allowed on the Walkway Over the Hudson River.

My human promises to take me there soon.

I guess it is a big deal and it just happened to open in time for Pink Baby to go see it.

Not the best picture. See how it goes when I'm not there (I'm just sayin)

I guess that is a nice view.

I think Pink Baby is enjoying it. I hope she's not afraid of heights!

So Pink Baby is off to her next adventure.


  1. Anyplace dogs are not allowed is not a fun enough place to want to go anyway.

  2. We khouldn't get ovFUR Shawnee's sharing about where dogs khan/kha't go AND how they should be MUZZLED!

    I think it looks like PB had lots of fun!

    I khan't wait to see your pikhs from there!


  3. PB is most brave and gets to go on special adventures. Make sure you smoochie her before she leaves.