Sunday, October 4, 2009

Makin Apple Cider

Every Fall there's a big to do here about mashin up apples and turnin em into a drink that humans love.

We have tons of apples, too many even for the piggy to eat. (Not that she couldn't eat them all but the humans don't think it would be good for her tummy.)

So they make cider.

Naturally I wanted Pink Baby to be part of the festivities. (But it can get messy so she checked things out BEFORE the mash started to fly.)

Here's Pink Baby hangin out in a basket of apples.

She said they smelled good so I leaned in to have a sniff myself.

Here's Pink Baby on the apple press. This is where thing can get really messy. So, it was a quick picture and then off to a safe place for her.

We'll see what other excitement we can drum up for Pink Baby before she leaves.


  1. Mom says they look like her kind of apples!

    She's FURRY pawtikhular!

    No mealy/mushy ones fur her - only khrisp - some what tart types -

    I guess she likes apples that are like HER!

    I think PB had a blast!


  2. Your apples look wonderful and I betcha they do smell yummy.

    The squirrels and bees get the best of our apples!

    The part my Mom likes is people stop and ask if they can pick some and she gets to say "Help yourself! Take as many as you want."


  3. Looks like you and Pink baby enjoyed the apples. My humans like cider too!!


  4. Oh that looks wonderful and good fun for Pink Baby too! All I have in my yard is bananas and that is the one fruit I don't like! I would love to have apples instead!

  5. what lovely apple. Mums an dads use to make cider buts the possums kilt all the trees so they donts have any now

  6. Apples! Yummers! I wonder if Pink Baby likes them too. She better watch out with that press machine. Wouldn't want her to finish her journey all flat.


  7. Hey there Hoover! You getting pink baby to do your bloggin nowadays? How are you, mate?
    Those apples look delicious! We can just imagine the fragrance there.

  8. Looks like fun! At our place we have been makin' applesauce - YUM!

  9. VERY fun! Mom mom helped wiff that once a LONG time ago when she was just a pup. Nothing as yummy as hot apple cider wiff cinnamon and cloves!


  10. Darwin would LOVE all those apples. We cant even say the word without her ears perking up and her running to the kitchen looking for one.

  11. Yeah, Moose doesn't behave around cars either... so scary!He is also very confused about what is considered his property. As far as he is concerned our property includes the place across the street so I am always so nervous he will decide to dash over there! You are luck that your territory is so big you don't really see the street!
    Say, What is PB up to?

  12. Apples are great any time of the year! But only the crispy ones. We hate the old mealy ones - probably stored wrong somewhere along the line! Cool apple press! Hope PB is enjoying herself!

  13. HI Hoover
    Now is that 'cider' British style or American style? (i.e with or without alcohol?) Just interested from a purely academic perspective, you understand....
    Cheers, H.