Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Well It's About Freakin Time

My human has finally come back. I was very unhappy while they were gone. I was so depressed that I didn't do any bloggin. You might have noticed.

I'm really happy that they came back. But you know humans expect us to come runnin when they come home, all happy, tail waggin, big joyous greetin. Well, I thought - hey you went away, like forever and I'm mad about it. So don't expect me to come runnin.

I was sleepin behind my favorite weird tree. I got up slllooowwwllly.

I took the time to stretch out the back legs.

And the front legs. (Ahh, that feels good.)

Then I sat on my human's foot and said Howdy.

I kept an eye on that human after that cause I don't know when they might take off again. If they leave a room I'm right there with em. They're not gonna disappear again.

For some reason they've started callin me "velcro." What the _ is "velcro?"


  1. Nice cool reception. That makes the humans think about leaving next time.

  2. Nice Doga too!

    Hmmm, velkhro?

    I hear that term applied to me somedays - other days I'm bungee -

    Kind of like leather and Lace
    Salt and Pepper
    Fire and Ice

    I do hope they at least brought woo SOMETHINGS!!!


  3. What a good hidden spot. We love your happy smile
    Benny & Lily

  4. Velcro is something that STICKS to something else. Its a bit of a message, Hoover. I don't blame you for being PO'd, I don't like it when my Mom goes for the afternoon.

    Glad everything is back to normal though. Take care of yourself.

    Your pal,

  5. I usually give momma wild wiggly greetings but one time she left me at a doggie hotel (I.e. Jail) for 12 days I gave her a cold shoulder greeting like that! I think that is the only way they will learn that we will not tolerate being left behind. Of course as soon as they feel guilty then you can warm up a bit! Glad they are back safe, and yes we noticed you were gone from blogger and missed you terribly!

  6. Good job acting all cool when they finally came home. Now don't let them out of your sight again.


  7. Good work on the cool greeting! But I think maybe you're spoiling it by doing the velcro thing.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  8. Whenever I return home from a trip, my male dog Echo takes one look at me and squats in the living room while staring at me. Now he normally does not actually pee... it's more of a "take this" for leaving me. I am happy for you Hoover that you have your humans home!

  9. Great Blog!!! Go Hoover!
    A link to "Well It's About Freakin Time", is now posted to "Portal to All That Is Freakin". Thanks for the content!

  10. You done good, Hoover. I don't think they will be leaving again any time soon!


  11. Darwin did the same thing to us when we went on vacation and she stayed with her doggy mom and dad. We worried and worried about her while we were gone, then when she got dropped off, she cared more about our friend leaving her than to see us. Heart breaking. It took a few hours before she warmed back up to us.
    Don't be so hard on your folks. They do love you!

  12. Good job Hoover. We were visiting Frankie's blog and thought we'd drop by yours. Hope you don't mind if we visit from time to time. Wow!! you have a pacemaker! How lucky you are people care that much for you. Stop by and visit us sometime if you'd like.
    Ernie & Sasha