Friday, November 13, 2009

Send Love To Snickers

Hey everybloggie!

There is a doggie out there that needs help. Now I don't know Snickers personally but I know how it feels to need help. So here's the scoop of Snickers' story and what you need to do help.

I didn't come up with any of this myself. I copied from others.

Here is what Fergi and Jake have said:

Last night looked as if it might have been her last.
This morning she rebounded with improved symptoms.

She is far from out of the woods
But she and her family
Including her gentle and loving brother Butchy
Have been granted another day.

We can’t help but believe
that part of the improvement is because of
The support and love that have surrounded her
From all around the world

Thanks to the linked paws
Of her blogging friends.
The Power of the Paw
We are asking everyone to set your alarms
And at exactly 11:00 PM GMT on Saturday 14 Nov 09

(Go to this link to find what time that is for you)

5:00 PM Saturday evening in Iowa
as Snickers' family sits down to eat
Turn toward them (in the central USA)
And join together in a silent minute
Of prayer, meditation, contemplation, reflection
Whatever feels right to you.


  1. Hi, Hoover!
    We are ready!
    Paws crossed for now!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. I'll be outside at 6pm in Pawsylvania!

    It is all part of pawing it furward!


  3. Hoovew
    I'm so glad you'll be joining us..this is the best of ouw community..we cawe about each othew and have so much love. I know we can help wif the powew of the paw
    smoochie kisses to you

  4. hi Hoover, so nice of you. we don't know Snickers too but we want to help.

    it will be 7 am Sunday for us and we will sit on the balcony looking towards a
    ALL of you


  5. We´re thinking of Snickers.

  6. Yep yep...thoughts for Snickers
    Benny & Lily