Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving in the Big House

Well, it was some sort of big deal holiday here. Everyone was all worried about this bird.

Can you believe it? It's not even alive. You would not believe the attention this dead bird got. It was bathed and soaked and stuffed. Then while it was in the hot box it was basted and turned. Sheesh! Let me tell you it did smell really good.

Then there was all this other food. The whole house smelled like heaven.

How did I know all of this? Well I was finally let back in the big house. I have never revealed this embarrassing bit of information but I was banned from the big house.

Now here's the whole story. I was just a pup and it really was an accident. I was running around and I peed (um, well, and pooped) on a very nice (so they say) rug.

Here I am happily lounging in the big house.

Here's me again. Very content smelling the smells.

Enough with the pictures already.


  1. Hi, Hoover!
    Glad you are allowed back in the big house!
    Those accidents happen!
    I am sure all the food was delicious!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. HowevFUR khould they deny the handsome khanine with the khrossed paws???


  3. Did they stuff you with turkey??? Hope you got a tastey tweet!

  4. Hi Hoover
    Humans can be so intolerant sometimes can't they! So glad to hear your punishment period is over. That looks just a perfect house. So much meaty food!
    Cheers, H.
    PS The turkeys in the UK are safe for another few weeks....

  5. Hoover, I did not know you had been banned from your house. That is quite shocking, really. But I am happy that you are back and you got to enjoy Turkey Day. Did you get some to eat?
    How about some of that yummy bread?


  6. Woof! WOW What a big turkey. Ooops ! you just excited with all the festivities. Hope you are well rested. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  7. Doesn't everybody poop in the big house at least once? Sheesh! No big deal (well, in my case, kind of a big deal). At least you got back in and all comfy.


  8. Glad you got to go back inside, dude. Did you get a bite of turkey at least?


  9. Hoover,

    So happy to hear you're back in the big house; after all... a house isn't a home without a dog, especially one as beautiful as you!

    Paws out

  10. WOW - back in the house. that's good. it's getting cold out.
    Your pal, Morgan

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